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#YOLOHungry: Millennial Eating Habits

Laura Criscione Millennials are known to care more about things like the environment, their health and what they eat compared to Generation X. Especially when we’re talking about food. Millennials are taking over the food industry in a plethora of ways. For one, they love new dining experiences and trying different tastes and flavors when eating out, and are even willing to spend a little extra cash on a new restaurant when money is tight. They are always searching for options on the menu that are “organic”, “natural” and “fresh”. In addition,  they’re on the  lookout for customizable menu options allowing them to become creative with the food they eat. [ 1] Despite millennials loving to eat at restaurants, they are also all about convenience and want things that are quick and easy to grab. Hence why they eat more snacks than meals throughout the day. “According to trend watchers, 35 percent of meals eaten by millennials are really snacks. Although the Pew Research Center